BelleMae Yarns Sampler Box - Garnmanufaktur 9 Magic Treats

Have you ever watched a BMY date night and just wished you could be there to squish and feel (and even smell) the yarn?? Well you can! We have created the BMY Sampler Box (yes the big brown box) But there is a can't open this box of sweeeeeeetness until July 31 at 7.30pm. That will be the scheduled date night that we will go through each yarn individually together, so it will be just like you are at date night, as you will be able to squish and feel the goodies as we talk about them.  We are going to make it easy for any temptation to open the box as the boxes are ordered by preorder and will not be sent out until 2nd week of July. Giving you only a short time to hide the box from yourself, so that you can enjoy the fun of date night. BUT YOU MUST ORDER BY JUNE 18 to GUARANTEE YOU RECEIVE THE BOX IN TIME FOR DATE NIGHT.