d’Histoire Naturelle Official Scheepjes 2020 CAL & Read-A-Long

From 23 September to 9 December, with a Tips & Tricks PDF release on 16 September.
Perfect for adventurous beginners through to advanced.
Released in 6 parts on Wednesdays at 12pm (CEST/CET) with video tutorials in Dutch and English supplied by Esther of
It's all in a Nutshell
blog (left and right-handed). Some parts will cover 2 weeks rather than 1 as per previous CALs, due to the length and intricacy of some crochet parts. Each week, we will share reading material for Book Club Sunday.
It is available in Dutch, German and in English (UK and US). Additional languages may be made available during the CAL, as a translation template will be provided for participants who wish to translate the pattern into their own language for use in the groups.