• Coco - Gradient Yarn #753 - Various Sizes

Coco - Gradient Yarn #753 - Various Sizes


Coco is a handmade product from Germany. With an extensive range of gradient yarns in the collection it can make it difficult to choose just one! Coco made from a soft and luxurious lambswool and silk. Coco comes in 4 stranded gradient yarn but can also be made to custom order with different stranded combinations available on request. Each colour change is hand tied with a minuscule knot which can easily be disguised in your project, creating an effect that is soft with subtle colour changes. Coco can be used to create projects such shawls and clothing but just as the colour choices of Coco are endless so too are the project options, Coco is perfect for soft and snuggly hats, blanket, shawls or clothing. Coco also has and added personal touch with the signature of the person who hand wound the Coco signed on the product label.

Fibre: 75% Lambswool / 25% Silk

Needle / Hook Size: 6mm - 8mm 

Yarn Weight:  4 Worsted Weight

Please note: other lengths and plys available via request.