• Furls Crochet Hook - Odyssey Black and Nickel Plated Tip

Furls Crochet Hook - Odyssey Black and Nickel Plated Tip


As of 8 May Furls have placed a temporary suspension on wholesale Odyssey sales until further notice.  Furls have indicated a time frame of 6-8 weeks where they expected to reintroduce Odyssey for wholesale. 

The tear-drop body shape of each Furls hook fits perfectly into the human hand, providing maximum hand and wrist relaxation in all crochet grips. Crocheters with carpal tunnel or arthritis are able to crochet longer with Furls hooks.

A Nickel plated tip creates a crocheting tip like no other - frictionless, light weight, and unhindered by tight stitches. With the Odyssey hooks you can expect a forward-driven crochet momentum for easier movement, electroplated tips for faster stitches, and signature teardrop body shape for hours of comfort and relief.

This certainly is an indulgent and luxurious piece of crocheting equipment, but don't your hands deserve a little luxury? Your Furls hook will no doubt be a talking piece with your crochet friends but you will always be able to rely on your Furls hook for perfect stitches and improvements in your overall work.

Please Note: Due to a change in Furls Wholesale Policies BMY can no longer sell Furls products to customers in the USA. If you have further questions please do not hesitate to contact BMY.