• PRE ORDER - LIMITED EDITION - Earth Angel designed by Jane and Angel Jones

PRE ORDER - LIMITED EDITION - Earth Angel designed by Jane and Angel Jones


The BelleMae Yarns Lounge Design Series - LIMITED EDITION

PREOREDER ONLY! Any additional items purchased with a preorder will be sent once the preorder has arrived. 

At BelleMae Yarns we are always looking for ways to show off the talents of our customer, so this month we are launching 'The BelleMae Yarns Lounge Design Series'. The chosen colourways could be a lolas, jojos, maya, bali or anything garnmanufatur that our customers have designed. The colourway will remain available for preorder for two months and you can purchase as many or as many times as you like during that time. 

Did you know you can custom design your own lola? And that is exactly what Jenny and her daughter Angel have done. The talented duo were redecorating Angel's bedroom and found the inspiration for their striking lola from her doona cover!

We have decided to call this gorgeous colourway - Earth Angel. The striking midnight blues encircle bold purple and berry tones, through to a heart of denim red and tumeric. We know the months of planning and colour searching that went into the design of this well thought out lola and the colours speak for themselves, individually, whilst still remaining a blended colourway. 

This colourway will be available for you to purchase from BelleMae Yarns for the months of February and March - a really great colourway for those Autumn projects. After March 31, 2020 the colourway will no longer be available. 

Remember we can custom design so should you want the featured colourway in a ply or length not available for pre order just let us know and we can custom design it for you.

Lola comes in 4ply but can also be made to custom order with different stranded combinations available on request. Each colour change is hand tied with a minuscule knot which can easily be disguised in your project, creating an effect that is soft with subtle colour changes. Lola can be used to create projects such as blankets, shawls and mandalas but just as the colour choices of Lola are endless so too are the project options. Lola also has and added personal touch with the signature of the person who hand wound the Lola signed on the product label.

Please note: Lola is made up of INDIVIDUAL threads which are NOT plied to make one thread. A 4ply Lola will have 4 individual threads. 

Fibre: 50% Cotton / 50% Acrylic

Needle / Hook Size: 3mm - 4mm 

Yarn Weight: 1 Super Fine / Fingering (4ply)