NEW RELEASE: NEXT YARNS - Creativo Hand Dyed Sock Yarn - Black Cherry

From the land of Lola, Germany, these gorgeous hand-dyed sock wools are simply divine and perfect for knitting or crocheting socks, scarves and hats and blankets. 

Lovingly dyed by hand in the creative workshop, each skein is unique - sock wool hand dyed in Germany.

If you wish to knit or crochet a larger project out of this yarn and need several skeins from one batch - contact BMY and we will then dye your required amount especially for you. 

Fibre Content: 75% Virgin Wool Superwash 25% Polyamide

Needle size: 2mm - 3mm

Yarn Weight: Laceweight

Ball weight: 100 gram

Length: Approx 420m