• Lola Bobbel Box - Halloween LIMITED EDITION - LAST ONES
  • Lola Bobbel Box - Halloween LIMITED EDITION - LAST ONES

Lola Bobbel Box - Halloween LIMITED EDITION - LAST ONES



Halloween creepies! LIMITED EDITIONS

For the creepy, eerily beautiful Halloween festival, Garnmanufaktur have come up with a special wrap.

The gradient of 5 colors and 13 color changes changes from the classic Halloween colors orange to black to purple and back to black. Available in standard or with glitter thread.

You get thirteen 50gm mini Lola Bobbels in a Bobbel Box, The individual balls are numbered so that you can always use the next colour section when working on the project if you choose to or you can use them in any order that you would prefer. 

The Box comes with a lid and is made of sturdy cardboard. In it, the mini lolas and the your project can be kept protected, it also serves as a ball holder during knitting or crocheting. Since the Bobbel can be processed from the outside or the inside the box keeps the secure and they do not roll around, so they can always remain clearly arranged in the box.

With the Bobbel Boxx it is now possible to plan your project row by row and even stitch by stitch. Even with two identical bobbels, it is not always possible to work two parts, for example the sleeves or front and back of a sweater, exactly the same. The Bobbel Boxx also you to work exactly the same number of rows for each colour section, resulting in even colour sections. 

Quality: 50% cotton and 50% acrylic 
Care: Machine washable at 40 ° 
Made in Germany


There are many other uses for the Bobbel Boxx:

• Individual sections when working with shortened rows can be knit in one colour. 
• Striped patterns can be worked with strips of any width. 
• When crocheting c2c and Granny patterns, individual rows or sets of stitches can be worked with a single colour. 
• Even on small projects such as hats, pillows, potholders or amigurumi, colour gradients can be knitted and crocheted.

The Bobbel Boxx are available in 15 colours. Would you like the Bobbel Boxx in a different gradient? This is possible contact BelleMae Yarns to order your favourite!