• Scheepjes Janie Crow Kit - Royal Garden Colour Crafter

Scheepjes Janie Crow Kit - Royal Garden Colour Crafter


We are proud to present our two newest Scheepjes Kits: the Royal Garden Blanket, designed and assembled by Jane Crowfoot - also known as Janie Crow. Exclusive Scheepjes Kits have been put together for this crochet pattern, with which the blanket can be made in our Color Crafter or Stone Washed & River Washed yarns.

The Royal Garden Blanket pays tribute to a magical place in Mysore. The beautiful terracotta tiles on the floors of a coffee house, in combination with the hotel's front garden, which has been constructed as a patchwork quilt, served as a great source of inspiration for Jane. The inspiration that the garden full of flower beds and tiles evokes in her, has been combined in a geometric way to create a fantastic blanket that steals the show in any interior.

Jane has carefully composed two color combinations from our extensive Color Crafter and Stone Washed & River Washed range exclusively for Scheepjes, which has formed into two kits. Both kits contain the necessary yarn to crochet the complete blanket and a stylish pattern booklet in which the complete pattern is described in Dutch and English.

Color Crafter Kit

Scheepjes Color Crafter is a popular anti-pilling yarn to use every day! Made from 100% Premium Acrylic, it is a versatile DK Weight yarn, which is available in no less than 93 colors. The yarn has a silky soft touch and is lightweight, hypoallergenic and maintenance-friendly. Perfect for making blankets, home accessories, toys and clothing. A Color Crafter Kit for the Royal Garden Blanket should certainly not be missing in your range.

New stock!

Due to great success, there is a second batch with new stock. Please note: the new stock only concerns kits with Scheepjes Color Crafter, where the main color 1061 Meppel has been replaced by a comparable color 1828 Zutphen. The box of these kits will have a sticker stating that a color has been replaced. We kindly ask you to notify your customers of this change so that they know exactly which kit they will receive. Thanks in advance!


Scheepjes Color Crafter (100% Acrylic Premium with Anti Pilling; 100g / 300m)

  • - A: 1829 Wilnis x 3 balls
  • - B: 1828 Zutphen x 5 balls
  • - C: 1708 Alkmaar x 3 balls
  • - D: 1023 Tiel x 2 balls
  • - E: 1712 Nijmegen x 1 sphere
  • - F: 2011 Geraardsbergen x 1 ball
  • - G: 1711 Leeuwarden x 1 ball
  • - H: 2015 Bastogne x 1 ball
  • - I: 1005 Barneveld x 4 balls
  • - J: 1081 Gouda x 1 ball

Pattern in Dutch and English (UK terminology)

About the designer

Jane Crowfoot, also known as Janie Crow, is a successful designer of crochet and knitting patterns. After working in the yarn and craft industry for 20 years, she has grown into one of the most important people giving the crochet hobby a big boost in the UK. In 2020 she even won the Craft Influencer of the Year award! Jane's designs range from blankets to wearable accessories, guided by floral themes, striking play of colors and experimentation with different techniques.