Scheepjes Pattern: YARN The After Party no. 50 Honeycomb Cushion by Mark Roseboom


Feast your eyes on the Honeycomb Cushion!

The Honeycomb Cushion designed by Mark Roseboom will be sure to draw the attention of many atop your lounge chair or sofa! Through the skilful layering of stitches achieved by the overlay crochet technique, a multidimensional effect is achieved.

This design features instructions for making the Honeycomb Cushion in Scheepjes Stone Washed XL  and River Washed XL yarns or  Scheepjes Our Tribe yarns. Once complete, it measures 65 x 40cm (25.5 x 15.75in). Note that pattern repeats occur more frequently when using Scheepjes Our Tribe yarn due to the lighter weight of this yarn.

The YARN The After Party booklets are available to purchase in English (UK), German, Swedish and Dutch.