Scheepjes Pattern: YARN The After Party no. 82 Bright Sight Cushion by Simy's Studio


Brighten up your life with the Bright Sight Cushion! We were aching to release more mindfully designed patterns as the themes of our latest YARN Bookazine, NOW Age, still linger in our minds. This edition of YARN The After Party introduces the quirky Bright Sight Cushion that is an absolute joy to make! It is a lovely project particularly suited for beginners, or experienced crocheters looking for a fun project that catches the eye.

Each of the main parts of the Bright Sight Cushion is crocheted using 1 of the 4 colours of Scheepjes Chunky Monkey required for this design. Using the surface crochet technique, the vibrant lashes around the eyes are made with 4 colours of Scheepjes Cahlista. Once filled with cushion filling, the finished piece measures 47cm high, 47cm wide, and 55cm deep.