• Scheepjes Yarn Butler

Scheepjes Yarn Butler


If you love Scheepjes whirls then this little item is a must have in your crochet kit. When starting a whirl from the outside just pop your whirl on and let the butler do all the work for you. As you crochet the butler softly spins in tune with your crochet speed releasing yarn a perfect pace. It will increase your crochet speed as you will not have to stop to pull yarn and it also eliminates the tangles that can occur, but best of all it keeps your whirl in a position that stops it gathering dust or dirt. 

Yarn butlers are not just for Scheepjes Whirls, any types of balled yarn can be used.

If starting your whirl from inside the perfect accompanying item would be a yarn bowl, check out our selection to find one that suits your decor and style.