Back in Stock Info - As 11 December 2021

We understand how important it is to know when items are back in stock and how frustrating it can be when planning a project and you are unsure of the return dates of your favourite items. Below you will find a list of item we stock and when their estimated return dates with the supplier. If we stock an item that is out of stock and NOT on this list please let us know and will we find out the return date for you or order it in if it is available. The times listed below are when the stock will be back with the supplier - please allow time for stock to be delivered to BelleMae Yarns from the Netherlands! Approximately 7 - 10 working days.

If a Scheepjes item that we stock is not listed below it is available from the supplier, please contact BelleMae Yarns to arrange a preorde

  • Last updated:  14 January 2022


    • Scheepjes Alpaca and Mohair Rhythm - Unknown
    • Scheepjes Bamboo Soft - Unknown
    • Scheepjes Cahlista March 2022
    • Scheepjes Catona 100 gram  January 2022
    • Scheepjes Catona 25 gram -January 2022
    • Scheepjes Catona 50 gram -January 2022
    • Scheepjes Catona 10 gram- Unknown
    • Scheepjes Cotton 8 - Unknown
    • Scheepjes Mighty - Unknown
    • Scheepjes Noorse wol Markoma  6856- Unknown
    • Scheepjes Our Tribe-  January 2022
    • Scheepjes Oslo 082, 096 -  January 2022
    • Scheepjes River washed XL-  April 2022
    • Scheepjes Skies -  January 2022
    • Scheepjes Skies Heavy - Unknown
    • Scheepjes Softfun - March 2022
    • Scheepjes Softfun Colour pack Pastel/Rainbow - January
    • Scheepjes Stone washed -  February/March 2022 
    • Scheepjes Stone washed XL - November
    • Scheepjes Stardust - January 2022
    • Scheepjes Umbrella Swift XL 78549 - Unknown
    • Scheepjes Whirlette -  April 2022
    • Scheepjes Whirl - April 2022
    • Sample card Scheepjes yarn Unknown
    • Sample card Stone Washed- XL- River washed - XL - Unknown

If you wish to order a Garnmanufaktur (LOLA) or items that are not listed above that are out of stock please contact BelleMae Yarns directly to arrange a preorder. 

We are always more than happy to source stock for you so don't be shy.