Clover Amour Crochet Hooks

Fun and Comfortable Clover Amour Crochet Hooks

You can pull a thread, make smooth loops and quick stitches with our selection of brightly coloured clover amour crochet hooks. With a range of hook widths and a soft rubber handle, you will easily delight in the versatile handling and comfortable grip of this sewing tool. We stock this quality crochet hook in a range of sizes.

Little Known Facts About Clover Amour Crochet Hook Set

You will love using the clover amour hook regardless of whether you are creating a scarf, sweater or hat. These beneficial facts will help you choose to start using these Japanese made tools.

  • The handle colours identify the size of the hook: The bright multitude of handle colours on these tools is helpful when you need a particular size. You will no longer accidentally pick up the wrong size or have to search the crochet hook looking for the size marker. Each colour responds to a specific hook size; for example, purple will always correspond to a 4.0mm hook.
  • The handle is soft and rubbery: The beautiful design of this crochet hook will have you working for hours on end with its comfortable and soft handle. You will notice it is easy to grip and smooth to use as you create an abundance of projects. The handle is shorter than most crochet hooks, which is ideal if you have small hands, yet still wide enough to give you a comfortable finger placement.
    There is a tapered hook: These aluminium hooks have a gently pointed head and an ideal groove depth to give you a smooth crocheting experience. You will be less likely to snag or catch your yarn, and you will have more control over your stitch for stress-free crocheting.

The rainbow colour selection of handles in our clover amour hook set is sure to add to the joy of your craft.

What Sets BelleMae Apart Regarding Clover Amour Hooks

We help you get the right tools and yarn for your project. We offer you:

  • A single or set of hooks: You can purchase a single hook in your required size to test out its quality or replace the one you lost. Alternatively, a full set of crochet hooks is ideal for starting in this craft and provides you with a range of sizes which are perfect for different projects.
  • Excellent customer service: We provide you with friendly and professional service to help you with your crocheting needs. Our staff are happy to answer any queries and ensure you enjoy the journey of selecting fun yarns, tools and accessories.
  • Free shipping: Our offer of free shipping when you spend over a certain amount is a perfect way to get more out of your shopping experience.

Why Should You Buy From BelleMae Yarns?

We provide you with quality service and supplies for your crocheting creations. Our customer service is excellent, and we ensure you receive personalised service from the moment you start looking through our website to when your parcel arrives at your home.

Contact us today for quality crochet hooks and yarn.