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Finding the perfect Clover crochet hooks can be a kind of art in itself, but we are here to help. We offer various sizes, shapes, materials, and extra tools to help you along in creating beautiful handmade crochet creations.

What You Can Expect from BelleMae Yarns Regarding Clover Hooks

We offer various products from Clover that we are proud to stock.

  • Clover Stitch Markers Kit. These nifty stitch markers can be left unlocked or used in the locked position for more security. Their undulated edge shape can prevent stitches from stretching and becoming deformed, and the bright colours make them extremely easy to find, which is especially helpful when you have a huge project on your hands.
  • Clover Tassel Maker. This device made by Clover can help you to create lovely tassels, large or small, using your favourite thread, wool, yarn, or embroidery thread. Tassels can be an excellent accent to finish off a project or to add some textured detail on blankets, pillow covers, or even clothing.
  • Clover Jumbo Darning Needle Chibi. This helpful and adorable Clover crochet hook set is perfect for delicate embroidery and the finishing touches needed for your big projects. Keep this convenient set of two three-inch curved tip needles in your kit as a part of your crocheting arsenal.
  • Clover Yarn Cutter Pendant. This beautiful yarn cutter doubles as a handy necklace pendant so you can always have it on hand. It is permitted on aircraft if you are travelling while still being robust and sturdy enough to cut through the thickest yarn to keep your fingers safe and protected from cuts and scrapes.

Tips for Buying Clover Soft Touch Crochet Hooks

Here are a few tips to help you along when shopping for your crochet hooks.

  • Learn the terminology. When looking at different hooks, it is essential to understand the anatomy of a crochet hook. The head is the part that catches the yarn; the throat is the section under the head that guides your yarn up along the hook. Then there is the difference between a tapered hook and an inline hook. Tapered hooks have rounded heads, and inline hooks have a flat throat with a more pointed hook. The shaft is the section below the throat that determines the hook size and how large your stitch will be. No hook is right or wrong, but many people find that they do have a specific preference for their projects.
  • Understand the materials. You can find hooks made of almost any material; aluminium, plastic, rubber, steel, bamboo, wood, and glass are all materials used for crochet hooks. Each material will work better with specific yarn types. For example, fine slippery yarn may be hard to work with if you only have metal hooks so bamboo or wood may help you hold onto the yarn better. In the end, it is all up to personal preference and what works for you so experiment with a few different sizes and materials to find the right hooks for your projects.

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