Free Gift Wrapping

A FREE 'opt in' gift wrapping service is available to make your goodies look pretty, this is an opt in service, you can opt into this service from your cart when checking out by leaving us a message. Simply click on 'add note to order' and leaving a message, please gift wrap, if this is a gift you can also leave a message if you would like a card included.

Can you do this for preorders?

Yes of course, you can. If your order is a preorder, you will still need to wait for your preorder to arrive, simply leave us a message on checkout that you would like your parcel gift wrapped. 

If you prefer a little less wrapping and just want to get into those yarns as soon as they arrive without having to rip through wrapping paper and bow ties, there is no need to leave us a message. 

How will my parcel be package if I opt for no gift wrapping?

If you opt for no gift wrapping:

  • your parcel will be FAST TRACKED through the packing process,
  • your yarn will NOT be wrapped at all in any extra packaging, paper or bags, unless on the discretion of BMY.
  • you will receive a little sweet treat in an envelope with your packing slip,
  • there will be no other BMY promotional material, notes or advertising material, unless on the discretion of BMY.


 How do I opt out of gift wrapping?

There is no need to opt out, gift wrapping is an OPT IN by leaving us a message at checkout. If you do not leave a note to gift wrap, your parcel will have no wrapping or special packaging and be fast tracked through the dispatch process.