Gradient Yarn Australia

Gradient Yarn in Australia Opens the Door to Creative Crochet Projects

A prevalent trend these days is to use gradient yarn in Australia. There are a variety of options to choose from, for example, a Scheepjes special edition Whirl ombre where each colourway is a single colour which softly and gradually changes from its lightest to its darkest hue. If you prefer a bit of glitz and glam, you may want to op for the Frosted Whirl, which has various colourways and ombre effects with a subtle touch of glitter.

Creative Ways to Use Gradient Yarn

It is almost impossible to resist beautiful gradient and ombre yarns which flow into each other and are just perfect for creating a visually tantalising effect for your crochet or knitting projects.

  • Gradient triangle shawls: Remember that the first half of the gradient will look larger and form the background against which the other gradient stirpes will present more dramatic.
  • Knit-on edging: Bear in mind that the colour around the item will vary as the gradient changes colour and the colour change will appear horizontal, where in a shawl the colour change may appear vertical. Some people love, and others hate this directional contrast.
  • Stripy socks: Making stripes in socks can be a little daunting, using a long-striping gradient which has about four to seven colour changes over the entire sock will show off most patterns just fine. A repetitive stitch pattern always responds well to gradient yarns.

Gradient yarns are so much fun to work with, that complicated stitches are not required to create an interesting, eye-catching article which everyone will love.

What You Should Know About Gradient Yarns Online

When you are a knitter, your mind is always formulating pictures of how articles will look in a particular yarn. Gradient yarn adds so much depth and variety, making the possibilities endless.

  • Long-striping yarns: Some yarns are graded to have long stripes, which is perfect to use in a pattern where the colour only needs to change after a few rows. These yarns pair well with lace, cable or other textured patterns.
  • Short-striping yarns: These yarns change colour quicker and tend to obscure complicated stitches. Use with a plain or predictable pattern.
  • Single or multi-colour: Choose your colours to highlight your patterns. If you are not using a bold stitch pattern, then opting for pale blue to grey gradient, as opposed to burgundy to black gradient, will work better in showcasing your article.

Gradient yarns are versatile and can be used on their own or combined with a solid colour in stripes or perhaps a fair isle pattern, and for some real pizazz, combine it with a different gradient yarn.

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