Who is BelleMae Yarns?

My love of crochet and gorgeous yarns began after visiting a local market and thinking how I would love to create all those beautiful treasures and blankets - how hard could it be? Well, after many sessions of teaching myself the basics, and I mean many sessions, I finally learnt the slip knot! Ok so this was going to be harder than I thought! It took me nearly a week just to learn a slip knot, but I was determined and hooked! Then I discovered You-Tube and Pinterest, now they make great crochet tutors, and have certainly become my crochet buddies along this journey, but what I love about yarn and crafty bliss is the people you can connect with through a simple hook (or needles), some yarn and a cuppa. Who knew there was a whole other world and language out there and why did it take me so long to discover it?! When I started crocheting I had no idea how much of an addiction this would become. I truly love making special custom made items and it is so heartwarming that something handmade can still be considered treasured gift. There is nothing better to hear that an item that has been gifted was the perfect gift - no better thank you than that.
So my next endeavour will be to take up the two hooks....I mean needles! 
Oh and BelleMae - yep that’s a tribute to my two girls that is a combination of their middle names.
May the yarn always be tangle free and the hook glide smooth!
Yasmin xx