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Buy High Quality Yarn with Afterpay and Start Your Project Today

Purchase fine quality yarn with Afterpay and receive your package after the first payment. This convenience allows you to spread payments over time and lets you get started on your next project sooner. BelleMae Yarns carries deluxe yarns imported from around the world to spark your creativity and produce beautiful pieces to keep or gift to family and friends. Your options are limited only by your skill level and imagination.

What You Should Know About Yarn with Afterpay in Australia

Buying yarn with Afterpay in Australia allows you to spread payments out, giving you the ability to purchase higher quality yarns for your projects. Our selection of beautiful yarns and experience with yarn arts offers you a great place to start your creative process.

  • Investing in high quality yarn ensures your project will delight you and the recipient of your handiwork. Buying your yarn with Afterpay in Australia provides you with more options.
  • We carry Scheepjes yarn imported from the Netherlands. This high-quality yarn has a rich history from the 18th century and offers you quality wool yarn for your special projects.
  • Garnmanufaktur Lola yarns offer gradient colours offering you an abundance of project options. Project directions are included with each skein enabling you to recreate a project for yourself or to give as a gift.

How Much Do You Know About Yarn?

Today we take yarn for granted as a medium for making clothing, blankets and accessories. The history of yarn making predates recorded history and was initially done by hand with sticks.

  • The first spinning wheels are thought to have originated in India. By the 13th century, they were standard equipment across Europe and by the 17th century they were at home in North America.
  • Spinning fibres into yarn was considered woman’s work and women of the day spun yarn at home with friends coining the term “spinning bees” which turned into parties that included prizes for the most or best yarn spun.
  • George Beck created the first vertical flax wheel in France around 1694, which was passed down through his family to America with its final resting place in the National Museum of American History.

About BelleMae Yarns

We share your passion for yarn crafts and stock fine quality yarns in a kaleidoscope of colours. We share your excitement when you receive your carefully packaged yarns in the post. We are always available to answer your questions to help you determine the right thread for your project and post-project pieces online to give you ideas for new projects.

We offer high quality knitting needles and crochet hooks in addition to patterns to spark your creativity. We have gift cards available for the yarn crafter in your life. We offer free shipping on orders over $100 to Australian locations.

Contact us to learn more about our yarn selections and project ideas to keep your hands busy and your mind engaged.