Scheepjes Pattern: YARN The After Party no. 64 Finn the Dodo by Mike Brooks


In memory of the long-time extinct dodo bird, endemic to the island of Mauritius, designer Mike Brooks has brought Finn the Dodo to life through crochet. Made using Scheepjes Metropolis, see just how this premium blend yarn becomes the ideal match for soft, cuddly Amigurumis.

To crochet your very own Finn the Dodo, you’ll need 4 balls of  Scheepjes Metropolis (75% Merino extra fine, 25% Nylon), a 3mm crochet hook and some leftover black yarn. Either create yours in the suggested colours, or choose between an immense 80 colours within the Scheepjes Metropolis range for your own creative take on this wonderful bird. 

Finn the Dodo is 21cm high.