• Maya Bobbel Box - 957

Maya Bobbel Box - 957


MAYA BOBBEL BOXX  - Pre order available if out of stock

Any additional items purchased with pre orders will be sent when your pre order arrives NOT separately unless arranged with BelleMae Yarns. 

Quality: 50% acrylic, 25% alpaca, 25% wool
Care:  Hand wash or wool wash

  • 3x 4.5mm to 5.0mm
  • Run length 250m / 100g = 2.500m

You will receive ten Bobbel à 50g in the Bobbel Boxx, which represent the ten sections of the gradient. The individual balls are numbered so that you can always use the next color section when working on the project. The Boxx itself with lid is made of sturdy cardboard. In it, the ball (and the project) can not only be kept protected, it also serves as a ball holder during knitting or crocheting. Since the Bobbel can be processed super from the inside, they do not roll around, so they can always remain clearly arranged in the box.

Without question, with the bobbins of the yarn factory fantastic color gradients are created. With the Bobbel Boxx, it is now possible to plan this series by row and even stitch by stitch. Even with two identical bobs, it is not always possible to work two parts, for example the sleeves or front and back of a sweater, exactly the same. The Bobbel Boxx single wrenches, on the other hand, work exactly the same number of rows for each color section, resulting in even color sections. The color transitions (and thus also possible knots) migrate from the middle of the row to the row edge, which makes an unobtrusive stitching of the thread ends even easier!

Of course, with the separate balls not only similar patterned pieces of clothing knit. They also allow the gradient to run more than once through the piece. For this, the color gradient can always be worked continuously, ie from color 1-10 and then it starts again with color 1. Or the color gradient is worked backwards after the tenth color.

The Bobbel Boxx is particularly interesting for cloths, as it allows you to work with equally wide color sections - regardless of the number of stitches. Without cloth winding that is not possible otherwise.
But there are many other uses for the Bobbel Boxx:
• The single coils allow you to knit inlays without further preparation.
• Individual sections when working with shortened rows can be knit in one color.
• Striped patterns can be worked with strips of any width.
• When crocheting c2c and Granny patterns, individual rows or sets of stitches can be worked with a single color.
• Even on small projects such as hats, pillows, potholders or amigurumi, color gradients can be knitted and crocheted.

Would you like the Bobbel Boxx in a different gradient? No problem.