• Shade Card - Scheepjes Organicon

Shade Card - Scheepjes Organicon


As a company and brand, Scheepjes is constantly looking for ways to innovate and produce sustainable products that are fun to use and good for the planet. Our latest, sustainably produced and vegan-friendly yarn is proof of that. Meet Scheepjes Organicon!

Made from 100% soft organic cotton, this yarn contributes to the worldwide trend of choosing conscious production methods. Organic farming not only benefits water quality, land fertility and energy consumption. Organic cotton is also an exceptionally soft fiber that feels phenomenal against the skin. This makes Scheepjes Organicon a particularly suitable yarn for making clothes, stuffed animals and accessories for babies, adults and everyone in between.

This sample chart shows the 21 colors of the entire Scheepjes Organicon range, from soft and fresh pastels to classic neutrals.